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What is srETH?

srETH, short for Staking Rewards Optimized ETH, is an all-weather liquid staking index fund on Ethereum.
srETH provides a simple and efficient investment vehicle for investors seeking a stake-and-forget approach. The index fund leverages various decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols and strategies to minimize volatility and generate a more predictable yield. By diversifying across different protocols and employing strategic optimizations, srETH aims to offer investors a more reliable yield compared to traditional staking methods.
With srETH, investors across different segments, including retail investors and institutions, can enjoy the benefits of staking ETH without the need for continuous monitoring and management. The product is designed to provide a user-friendly platform that automates the optimization of their ETH investments. By leveraging the power of DeFi protocols, srETH offers the potential for enhanced returns and reduced volatility, providing investors with a simplified and optimized staking experience, regardless of their investor profile.