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Benefits of the VSP

Investors and Stakers enjoy the additional verification layer that makes it easy for them to pick a Provider vetted by the No.1 authority in the Staking industry. Our users will save hours of their own personal time spent conducting due diligence by simply outsourcing that burden to us to vet Providers based on the above criteria.

Main 3 Benefits:

Benefits outlined to:

Delegators (individual, institutional, etc):
Providers (individual, institutional, VCs, VCs running validators, etc):
Foundations/Protocol teams:
  • Increased level of reassurance, comfort, convenience, and trust in their own due diligence process
  • Possibility of improved decentralization (confidence in choosing trusted smaller Providers)
  • Convenience (“set and forget with confidence”)
  • A new benchmarking tool (streamlining info for due diligence)
  • Sustainable and reliable rewards delegation (lowered risk)
  • Increased participation in governance through our requirement for Providers to participate
  • Ability to indirectly assess the business operations of a provider, improving future reliability and sustainability
  • Ability to understand off-chain business operations of a provider through the information that is not usually available to providers (through our NDA agreement with participants)
  • Decreasing the risk of wrong decisions due to potential lack of expertise (if applicable)
  • Option of outsourcing due diligence to a trusted, unbiased player
  • Proof of best practices
  • Proof to LPs that diligence measures are taken to minimize the risk of missing out on rewards and/or losing funds
  • Verification on the Staking Rewards’ website increases brand awareness, exposure, and trust to Staking Rewards' 400K unique monthly users
  • New user acquisition via Staking Rewards users
  • Prioritized ranking throughout the platform
  • Inclusion in the custom section for Verified Providers
  • License to share the verified widget and certificate on their website
  • A showcase of all supported assets (even those not already integrated on Staking Rewards)
  • Integration on third-party sites including Mintscan, Avascan, Solana Beach and many more
  • Inclusion as a “Verified Provider” in our Staking Data API used by the likes of Coinbase, Figment, Bloomberg, and family offices/funds
  • Prioritized participation in any type of content/interviews/report/etc conducted by Staking Rewards
  • Demonstration to delegators regarding accountability and development and showing that best practices are followed and taken seriously, both on and off-chain
  • Network cultural alignment
  • Higher quality validators through industry standardization and benchmarking
  • Access to a network of high-performing and industry-leading providers (improve the size and quality of the validator set)
  • Lowering friction to run a validator
  • Increased participation and a higher percentage of tokens staked as delegators feel more confident in the selection of providers versus not staking at all
  • Possibility of improved network security (due to improved decentralization)
  • Possibility of improved decentralization (choosing trusted smaller Providers)