Provider API

You can see below the required structure of the provider API. Please follow the required format so that no difficulties arise during integration!

Please provide the data in JSON format as shown below:

type Provider = {
    name: string;
    users: number;
    balanceUsd: number;
    supportedAssets: [
            name: string; # Asset name
            slug: string; # Asset slug, preferred slugs can be found below
            nodes: [
                    nodeType: string; # hostingNode/operatorNode/posNode
                    address: string; # only for pos nodeType
                    feeUsd: number; # (optional) Hosting Fee, a USD fixed price for hostingNodes
                    fee: number; # (optional) commission in % for posNodes
                    users: number; # for eth nodes number of validators
                    balanceUsd: number;
                    balanceToken: number;
                    liquidStakingProvider: string; # (optional) identifier for liquid staking protocol, only for operator nodeType

We have included detailed descriptions of each data point in General Data, Supported Assets, and Nodes.

Staking Rewards slug and name can be requested here:

Cosmos focused Providers can use the cosmos validator directory to get an API. Please follow these instructions ->

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