Provider API

You can see below the required structure of the provider API. Please follow the required format so that no difficulties arise during integration!
type Provider = {
name: string;
balanceUsd: number;
users: number;
supportedAssets: Array<{
name: string; # Staking Rewards name preferred (more info below)
slug: string; # Staking Rewards slug preferred (more info below)
balanceTokenTotal: number;
usersTotal: number;
feeTotal: number; # optional
aprTotal: number; # optional
nodes: Array<{
address: string;
fee: number;
users: number;
apr: number; # optional
balanceUsd: number;
balanceToken: number;
We have included detailed descriptions of each data point in General Data and Supported Assets.
Staking Rewards slug and name can be requested here:
Cosmos focussed Provider can use the cosmos validator directory to get an API. Please follow these instructions ->​