Business Operations

PoS Provider

We assess, among other things, the legitimacy of a provider's business, the delegator protection, and the sustainability of their services in a fast-moving environment like crypto. In assessing them, we especially emphasize their business practices, and the veracity of the information they provide. We see this as the cornerstone of a truthful relationship between delegator and validator.


The crypto market is continuously in a changing environment. For this reason, in this section, we would like to see how the Provider deals with different situations:

  • Offering of slashing protection

  • Sending funds to the Providerโ€™s validator address instead of delegating

  • Strategies for market downturns and alternative strategies


In this section, it is asked how long the Provider is operating the services. The longer this is the case, the higher the assumption that there is a long-term interest in continuing the services.


Regulatory security and the legitimacy of the Providerโ€™s service are the cornerstones of a trusted relationship between delegator and validator.

In this section, the following aspects are considered:

  • The legal jurisdiction under which the operations fall

  • Whether the Provider restricts certain jurisdictions in the services

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