☑️Verification Criteria

All providers must go through this process to be verified.

In the Verification Process, we consider the following three categories:

Security Setup: Pre-determined criteria for key management & insurance, internal alerting, and many others to demonstrate the extent to which a provider meets high standards in offering a resilient and consistent service.

Reliability: A provider's uptime, slashing events, and many other criteria demonstrate the provider's track record of performance and ability to maintain that performance.

Business Operations: We assess, among other things, the legitimacy of a provider's business, the delegator protection, and the sustainability of their services in a fast-moving environment like crypto. In assessing them, we especially emphasize their business practices and the veracity of the information they provide. We see this as the cornerstone of a truthful relationship between delegator and validator.

The Provider needs an SR Rating of at least 70% to pass the Verification.

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