Value-Added Rating

The Value-Added Rating is a metric that evaluates the extent to which a Staking Provider contributes to the growth and development of the ecosystem and community. This rating is separate from the verification process for Staking Providers, which focuses solely on their ability to contribute to network security.

We recognize the importance of providers who actively participate in ecosystem development and community building. As such, we offer the Value-Added Rating as a supplementary point of reference when making staking decisions.

The Value-Added Rating consists of Staking Rewards’ assessment of four major components.

1. Customer Service

This rating evaluates the level of support and assistance provided by the staking provider to their delegators, including the responsiveness and effectiveness of their customer service team, the availability of resources and documentation, and the overall quality of their customer experience.

2. Governance Participation

This rating assesses the extent to which the staking provider actively engages in the governance of the network, including their participation in proposal voting, their communication with the community, and their contributions to the development of network protocols and policies.

3. Ecosystem Development and 4. Community Development

This rating evaluates the staking provider's efforts to contribute to the growth and development of the ecosystem and community beyond their role as a staking provider. This includes their involvement in projects and initiatives that promote the adoption and use of the network, their contributions to the development of the ecosystem's infrastructure, and their efforts to foster a vibrant and engaged community.

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