Expanding Staking Accessibility with Third-Party Integrations

Explore the third-party integrations of the Verified Staking Provider (VSP) program, designed to enhance the user experience across various staking platforms and promote informed decision-making.

Discover the various third-party integrations of the Verified Staking Provider (VSP) program, designed to offer users a seamless staking experience across multiple platforms. Explore how VSP's integrations with popular block explorers, such as Avascan, Mintscan, Restake, and Citadel One, contribute to a more informed and confident decision-making process for delegators.

The Staking Rewards VSP program serves as an impartial guide, assisting users in understanding and evaluating the validators they choose to stake with. Our objective is to provide valuable decision support not only on stakingrewards.com but also through other platforms and sites.

Below, you will find an overview of the currently supported third-party integrations and how they enhance the staking experience for users across the industry.

Subscan stands as the official block explorer for Polkadot and Kusama, offering explorers for over 70 chains within the DotSama ecosystem.

Staking Rewards is proud to announce a collaborative partnership with Subscan, aimed at empowering stakers in the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem to make informed decisions when selecting a validator for staking. To enhance trust and transparency in the staking sector, Subscan will now display the Staking Rewards Verified Staking Provider emblem on their validator pages across all supported assets on StakingRewards.com. This initiative is designed to assist investors in navigating the vast array of staking Providers available.

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