PoS Provider

The scorecard is designed explicitly for the evaluation of PoS providers. It includes a list of evaluation criteria, their corresponding weighting, and best practices for using the scorecard effectively.

Whether you are a PoS provider looking to improve your practices or a business owner seeking to evaluate potential providers, we hope this scorecard will be a helpful resource. By using a structured and objective approach to evaluation, you can make informed decisions about which provider best fits your needs.


Business Operations General Information

Evaluation of General Provider Information

  • Legal entity

  • Jurisdiction

  • Terms of Service

  • Longest-running Validator

  • External Investments and Partnerships

  • Foundation Delegations

  • Public Team

Best Practices

160 Points

Business Operations Delegator Protection

Aspects of Delegator Protection

  • Slashing Protection

  • Funds for Delegator Protection

  • Business Insurance

  • Delegator Transactions

Best Practices

72 Points

Business Operations Resilience to Market Downturns

Withstand Bear Markets Conditions

  • Provider Information on sAuM and costs

  • Cash reserves

  • Alternative income streams

  • Earnings Dashboard

  • MEV Participation

Best Practices

88 Points

Reliability On-Chain Metrics

Prove of On-Chain Performance

  • Networks

  • Validating since

  • Commission Rates

  • Uptime

  • Slashing Events

  • Process Improvements

Best Practices

188 Points

Reliability Validator Maintenance

Availability for Maintenance

  • On-Call Rotation

  • Maintenance Team

  • Monitoring Systems

  • Events covered by Monitoring

  • Upgrading Processes

  • Shutdown of Validators

Best Practices

188 Points

Security Setup Internal Policies

In-House Standards

  • Application Vulnerabilities

  • Access to Production Systems

  • Private Key Policy

Best Practices

130 Points

Security Setup Infrastructure Setup

Node Setup

  • Type of Validator Infrastructure

  • Alarm Systems for Infrastructure

  • Alarm Events

  • Geographically Diversification

  • Redundant Infrastructure and Backups

  • Bug Bounty Program

  • Certifications

  • Engineering Experience

Best Practices

174 Points




1000 Points

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