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PoS Provider
The scorecard is designed explicitly for the evaluation of PoS providers. It includes a list of evaluation criteria, their corresponding weighting, and best practices for using the scorecard effectively.
Whether you are a PoS provider looking to improve your practices or a business owner seeking to evaluate potential providers, we hope this scorecard will be a helpful resource. By using a structured and objective approach to evaluation, you can make informed decisions about which provider best fits your needs.
Business Operations General Information
Evaluation of General Provider Information
  • Legal entity
  • Jurisdiction
  • Terms of Service
  • Longest-running Validator
  • External Investments and Partnerships
  • Foundation Delegations
  • Public Team
Best Practices
  • Registration of a Legal Entity
  • Business in a Non-Sanctioned Country
  • Crypto-specific Terms of Service
  • Running Business for longer then 6month
  • Investments or partnerships available
  • Received foundation delegations
  • Team publicly viewable
160 Points
Business Operations Delegator Protection
Aspects of Delegator Protection
  • Slashing Protection
  • Funds for Delegator Protection
  • Business Insurance
  • Delegator Transactions
Best Practices
  • Slashing Protection and Insurance available
  • Dedicated Funds for Delegator Protection
  • Business Insurance available
  • Sending "wrong" delegated funds back
72 Points
Business Operations Resilience to Market Downturns
Withstand Bear Markets Conditions
  • Provider Information on sAuM and costs
  • Cash reserves
  • Alternative income streams
  • Earnings Dashboard
  • MEV Participation
Best Practices
  • Proof of Reserves
  • Profitably through the Downturn
  • Having alternative Income Streams
  • Monitoring the Earnings
  • Participate in MEV
88 Points
Reliability On-Chain Metrics
Prove of On-Chain Performance
  • Networks
  • Validating since
  • Commission Rates
  • Uptime
  • Slashing Events
  • Process Improvements
Best Practices
  • Proof of Track Record for Validators
  • Uptime above 99.5%
  • Low Commission Rate Changes
  • No Soft Slashing Events
  • No Double Signing Events
188 Points
Reliability Validator Maintenance
Availability for Maintenance
  • On-Call Rotation
  • Maintenance Team
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Events covered by Monitoring
  • Upgrading Processes
  • Shutdown of Validators
Best Practices
  • 24h/7d On-Call Rotation available
  • 3+ DEVs to maintain
  • Various Monitoring Systems with Notifications
  • Alarms for On-Chain Events
  • Predefined Processes for Network & Validator Upgrades
  • Timely and network-wide notification when validators are turned off
188 Points
Security Setup Internal Policies
In-House Standards
  • Application Vulnerabilities
  • Access to Production Systems
  • Private Key Policy
Best Practices
  • Multiple Systems to mitigate Application Vulnerabilities
  • Strict Access Policies for Employees
  • Encrypted, SSM, HSM, Horcrux Usage for Private Keys
130 Points
Security Setup Infrastructure Setup
Node Setup
  • Type of Validator Infrastructure
  • Alarm Systems for Infrastructure
  • Alarm Events
  • Geographically Diversification
  • Redundant Infrastructure and Backups
  • Bug Bounty Program
  • Certifications
  • Engineering Experience
Best Practices
  • Colocation Facility or self-maintained Barer Metal Infrastructure
  • Alarm systems in case of infrastructure failure
  • Geographically diversified Infrastructure
  • Redundant Infrastructure available
  • Continuous Back-ups of active Validator Set
  • Run a Bug Bounty Program
  • Holding Certifications for your Services
  • DEVs with Experience in DevOps
174 Points
1000 Points