Validator Incubation

A 3-year program to help providers grow and scale their business

We are proud to introduce the Verified Staking Provider (VSP) Incubation Program, designed specifically to foster and enhance the growth of emerging validators in the staking ecosystem.

This program is a new initiative within our larger Verified Staking Provider Program and aims to cultivate a trusted and professional community of smaller validators, ultimately helping them to compete with larger players.

Now, the smallest providers with the largest ambitions can join the VSP program at no cost and can benchmark themselves against the best while improving their operations over time. At the same time, they become more attractive to foundations, institutions, and the general ecosystem in an attempt to grow their AUM.


  • AUM $2.5M or less (across all networks)

  • Desire and ambition to grow and scale

  • Strong team and background

  • Go-to-market strategy

  • 3-year program commitment

Program Details

The VSP Incubation Program is designed to be a nurturing environment for emerging validators. It is a 3-year commitment from Staking Rewards to help your new business flourish. While under $2.5M AUM, all fees are waived. The analysis of AUM is conducted annually. Once above the AUM threshold, the validator will be subject to standard VSP pricing.

The program fosters an atmosphere of growth and learning, where validators can increase their staked value and brand awareness while benefiting from VSP's shared knowledge, networks, and expertise. Our primary objective is to help these validators flourish and reach new heights from their earliest days.

Please note that validators enrolled in the Incubation Program are entitled to the same benefits as those provided to the paid participants of the VSP.

How to get started?

  • Submit this form

  • Set up a call with us and pitch your validator business

  • If successfully chosen, we will sign a service agreement and NDA with you

  • You will submit the verification form as well as the content form

  • We will assess the submission

  • If your submission is successful, you are now a verified provider!

What are the benefits?

  • Verification on the Staking Rewards’ website increases brand awareness, exposure, and trust to Staking Rewards' 200-400K unique monthly users

  • New user acquisition via Staking Rewards

  • Prioritized ranking throughout the platform

  • Inclusion in the custom section for Verified Providers

  • License to share the verified widget and certificate on their website

  • A showcase of all supported assets (even those not already integrated on Staking Rewards)

  • Integration on third-party sites including Mintscan, Avascan, Solana Beach, and many more

  • Inclusion as a “Verified Provider” in our Staking Data API used by the likes of Coinbase, Figment, Bloomberg, and family offices/funds

  • Prioritized participation in any type of content/interviews/report/etc conducted by Staking Rewards

  • Demonstration to foundations and institutions regarding accountability and development

  • An illustration that best practices are followed and taken seriously, both on and off-chain

What happens if I grow above $2.5M AUM?

Analysis of the provider's AUM is conducted annually. If AUM is under $2.5M, fees are waived. If above $2.5M after year 1 or 2, the provider is subject to standard pricing. The fee structure is tiered, allowing for a fair and balanced contribution from validators, in line with their ability to pay.

We believe this approach aligns our success with yours, as we work together to create a more prosperous and secure staking environment for everyone involved. We look forward to your participation in the VSP Incubation Program and can't wait to support you in your journey to staking success.

How do I get involved?

Ready to embark on this exciting journey of growth and success in the staking realm? We invite you to apply for the Verified Staking Provider Incubation Program.

Simply fill out the application form here. This is your opportunity to enhance your staking value and join a vibrant community committed to mutual growth and success.

Don't delay—take your first step towards a brighter staking future today!

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