Verified Provider Program Process and Eligibility

Who can apply to get Verified?

Any Staking providers can apply for verification on Staking Rewards, provided that they are a legitimate business, project, or protocol that offers staking services.

We categorize staking services as follows:

Currently Rolled Out:

1. Non-Custodial Staking Provider
​These providers accept delegations on public PoS blockchains or offer Validator as a Service Solutions / Whitelabel Validators.
Coming Soon:
2. Custodial Staking Provider
Custodial staking providers are entities that offer staking services on behalf of their clients. They hold the private keys of their clients' staked assets, granting them control over the staked assets and the ability to vote on behalf of their clients.

3. Liquid Staking Provider

A liquid staking provider takes token deposits, stakes those tokens, and gives the depositor a receipt that is redeemable for the staked tokens (Liquid Staking Derivative). The receipt represents those staked tokens that can be traded or used as collateral elsewhere.