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1INCH Staking Rewards Benchmark (1INCHSRB™) Methodology

1INCHSRB is a benchmark representing the annualized staking rate for the 1INCH token.

1INCHSRB is calculated and published by Staking Rewards via the 1inch Profile and Staking Data API.

1INCHSRB=max(rr)1INCHSRB = max(rr)
Formula keyMetric nameDescription


Resolver Rewards

Resolver Rewards are incentives distributed to third-party entities known as "resolvers" within the 1INCH ecosystem, rewarding them for efficiently executing limit orders and enhancing users' trading experiences. These rewards encourage healthy competition among resolvers and contribute to the overall effectiveness of the 1INCH platform.

  • 1INCHSRB considers only the highest value of resolver rewards, ensuring that participants focus on optimizing their performance to attain the most significant rewards within the 1INCH ecosystem.

1INCH Resolver Staking Rewards Rate: 1INCHSRB(r)

Staking Rewards calculates the 1INCHSRB for each resolver based on their individual Unicorn Power.

1INCHSRB(r)=((rtr/d)/up)tdty1INCHSRB(r) = ((rtr / d) / up)* t_d* t_y

Formula keyMetric nameDescription


Resolver Total Rewards

Resolver total rewards represent the cumulative incentives earned by third-party entities within the 1INCH ecosystem for efficiently executing limit orders and contributing to the platform's functionality. These rewards serve as a measure of resolvers' overall performance and engagement, reflecting their impact on users' trading experiences.



The duration of resolver rewards varies depending on the 1INCH staking program but typically follows a recurring schedule, such as weekly distributions. These rewards are an ongoing incentive mechanism designed to encourage efficient order execution and sustained participation among resolvers.


Unicorn Power

Unicorn Power is a valuable resource within the 1INCH ecosystem gained through staking 1INCH tokens. It empowers users to participate in order resolution, delegation, and governance activities, with the amount of unicorn power increasing over time based on the duration of token staking.


Day Constant



Year Constant


Observation Period:

  1. The 1INCHSRB is determined based on the latest generated block at the point of evaluation.

  2. This data is then annualized for a comprehensive year-long projection.


The calculation happens every 2 hours and is immediately published via Staking Data API.

1INCH Real Reward Rate (1INCHSRB^R)

The real reward rate calculates the 1INCHSRB adjusted for inflation in the network.


Formula keyMetric nameDescription


Inflation Rate

New 1INCH token in the circulating supply. Currently, the inflation is equal to zero.

Inflation Rate Behaviour

The inflation is also subject to change with possible governance decisions.

Other 1INCH metrics calculated by Staking Rewards:


Rewards Per Year

The Rewards Per Year refers to the amount of rewards given to delegates in USD on an annual basis.

Staking Wallets

This metric refers to the total quantity of distinct delegations made. It doesn't distinguish based on unique delegator addresses and excludes considerations of any minimum delegation thresholds.

Data Sources:

  • Ethereum Blockchain RPC Endpoints from Infura


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