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Chromia Staking Rewards Benchmark (CHRSRB™) Methodology

CHRSRB is a benchmark that represents the annualized staking rate for the CHR token.

CHRSRB is calculated and published by Staking Rewards via the Chromia Profile and Staking Data API.


Chromia is offering a smart contract staking solution while the mainnet is not live The mainnet is scheduled to go live in Q2 2024. The reward rate formula will be updated when that happens.

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Annual Percentage Rate

The reward rate is set manually by the protocol in both smart contracts (ETH and BNB). This is obtained by calling the method getActiveYieldRate from the contract 0xdD8bd1a9927aB550Cf2fC0a9da14702F9c09ac88 with the current epoch as a parameter. The current epoch is obtained by calling the method getCurrentEpoch from the same contract. This is a temporary reward distribution to early supporters of the protocol. The reward rate will be.

CHR Real Reward Rate (CHRSRB^R)

The real reward rate calculates the CHRSRB adjusted for inflation in the network.


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Inflation Rate

Total emission of new tokens, with vested contracts plus staking rewards

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Last updated on 05/23/2024

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