GNO Staking Rewards Benchmark (GNOSRB™) Methodology

GNOSRB is a benchmark representing the annualized staking rate for the GNO token.

GNOSRB is calculated and published by Staking Rewards via the GNO Profile and Staking Data API.

GNOSRB=rftdty/(etav+mv)GNOSRB= rf * t_d*t_y/(et*\sqrt{av+mv})
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Epoch Time

The epoch time is the time between each set of 16 blocks. Block time is set to 5 seconds, making each epoch around 80 seconds long.


Reward Factor

This is a free parameter that will essentially influence how much rewards validators can expect. Faster block times and shorter influence (increase) validator rewards. This parameter is currently set to 25.


Active Validators

The number of active validators in the Gnosis blockchain.


Minimum Validator Threshold

To start the chain there was a suggested number of 4096 validators (4096 GNO staked). Below this, no rewards are distributed.


Day Constant



Year Constant


  • GNOSRB doesn't take reward compounding into the account. Node operators and depositors can manually claim rewards or set up automated claim with your preferred frequency and threshold.


  1. GNOSRB does not factor in the possibility of slashing occurrences.

  2. It's important to note that if validator entities face slashing, rewards will increase, as the slashed GNO tokens are reallocated among validators.

GNO Real Reward Rate (GNOSRB^R)

The real reward rate calculates the GNOSRB adjusted for inflation in the network.

GNOSRBR=1+GNOSRB/(1+i)1GNOSRB ^R = 1+GNOSRB /(1+i)-1
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Inflation Rate

Total emission of new tokens. For Gnosis, this accounts only staking rewards.

Inflation Rate Behaviour

Inflation rates can also be adjusted through governance decisions.

Data Sources:

  • We fetch data for Gnosis metrics through Gnosis chain API endpoints:


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