AAVE Staking Rewards Benchmark (AAVESRB™) Methodology

AAVESRB is a benchmark representing the annualized staking rate for the AAVE token.

AAVESRB is calculated and published by Staking Rewards via the AAVE Profile and Staking Data API.

Single-sided Safety Module Staking

Observation Period:

  1. The AAVESRB is determined based on the latest generated block at the point of evaluation.

  2. This data is then annualized for a comprehensive year-long projection.


The calculation happens every 2 hours and is immediately published via Staking Data API.

AAVE Real Reward Rate (AAVESRB^R)

The real reward rate calculates the AAVESRB adjusted for inflation in the network.

Inflation Rate Behaviour

The inflation is also subject to change with possible governance decisions.

Data Sources:

  • Ethereum Blockchain RPC Endpoints from Infura


Last updated on 05/23/2024

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