GMX Staking Rewards Benchmark (GMXSRB™) Methodology

GMXSRB is a benchmark that represents the reward rate of staking the asset.

GMXSRB is calculated and published by Staking Rewards via the GMX Profile and Staking Data API.

GMXSRB=ar/gsGMXSRB = ar/gs
Formula keyMetric nameDescription


Annual Rewards

The annual rewards distributed to GMX token holders in USD.


GMX supply

The total value of GMX in USD.

  • GMXSRB provides daily updated APR values for staking on Avalanche and Arbitrum, allowing users to compare and choose the higher APR.

  • Previously esGMX tokens were distributed as part of the reward. Escrowed GMX generates rewards but are locked to a wallet and subject to vesting rules.

Observation Period:

  1. The GMXSRB is determined based on the latest generated block at the point of evaluation.

  2. This data is averaged with the last 30d values and then annualized for a comprehensive year-long projection.


The calculation happens every 2 hours and is immediately published via Staking Data API.

GMX Real Reward Rate (GMXSRB^R)

The real reward rate calculates the SRB adjusted for inflation in the network.

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Inflation Rate

New GMX tokens in the circulating supply.

Inflation Rate Behaviour

The inflation is also subject to change with possible governance decisions.

Other GMX metrics calculated by Staking Rewards:


Rewards Per Year

The Rewards Per Year refers to the amount of rewards given to delegates in USD on an annual basis.

Staking Wallets

This metric refers to the total quantity of distinct delegations made. It doesn't distinguish based on unique delegator addresses and excludes considerations of any minimum delegation thresholds.

Annualized Fee Revenue

The annualized fee revenue is the expected total amount accrued in fees by the protocol over 1 year.

Data Sources:

  • Arbitrum and Avalanche Blockchain RPC Endpoints from Infura.


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Last updated on 05/23/2024

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